samedi 16 avril 2011

Everybody can join

Come for a ride with me!

- Can't remember what a bike looks like? – here comes a great opportunity to refresh your memory;
- Afraid of truck drivers? - united we ride! It's also the perfect moment to overcome your fears and get familiarised with road cycling in the company of more advanced cyclists;
- Can't do hills? – Walk them!
- Not sure how to fix a puncture? – I'll do it for you;
- Worried at being last? – Don't be! I'll hang at the back and make sure I'm behind you;
- Can actually cycle and think it's going to be too easy for you? - Come and cycle alongside someone less good and help them make it;
- As a bonus: break in the WKRĘCENI bike!

...erhm... what's this all about?

On April, 28th 2011 I embark on a bicyle trip around Poland. This is happening because my idea of what to do with the bike used in Sru de Pologne (of almost similar international prestige as the Tour de France) was a winner with the jury of the campaign promoting bicycle use, entitled Polska na Rowery („To Bikes, Citizens!”).

I feel like I have bicycle DNA in every cell of my body. You say „bike” and I get happy, excited and start drooling (Pavlov's dog response?). This is probably why I won the „Sru de Pologne” competition. Although the promise that I would continue riding for Sru in Poland - and not abroad - must have helped as well. All this topped off by a solemn declaration that I would not go around boasting about achievements like „I do 500km in 24-hours” (ha! That's because I don't!!!). Thanks to this, my Sru can remain accessible to even the least-experienced in hardcore cycling.

All this is very fine but mind you: the name of the campaign is „To Bikes, Citizens!” How can my fooling around with a fancy push-bike, taking styled-up pics and verbalising my joys & fears on a blog encite Poles to hop on their bicycles? Well, my idea is as follows: I'd like to invite all the bicycle-shy, bicycle-anxious and bicycle-traumatised to join me in my bicycle trip!

Everybody can join! Doesn't matter whether it's just for a few minutes to guide me through a busy city centre (who knows routes and shortcuts better than a local?), go 20km beyond the town limits, cycle 50km or dare cycle the whole nine yards (equivalent to my daily mileage)!

Let this ride be an interactive, inspiring adventure that everyone can join! The route, roughly drafted as "from A to B via C" is going to be amended daily following suggestions from those willing to join.

In short: I'll cycle through anywhere where there's going to be someone ready to form a Sru leading pack with me. :-)

Here's the route and the calendar

Day Route
Day 1 – 28/04/11 Warszawa – Wyszogród 70
Day 2 – 29/04/11 Wyszogród – Włocławek 85
Day 3 – 30/04/11 Włocławek – Mogilno 85
Day 4 – 01/05/11 Mogilno – Poznań 80
Day 5 – 02/05/11 Poznań – Krobia 80
DAy 6 – 03/05/11 Krobia – Wrocław 84

Do you want to ride with me? I think you do! Here's what you have to do:

1. Check ou the route
2. If you live somewhere nearby or not further then +/- 25km away – let us know! This entails:

  • letting us know you want to participate by leaving a comment with the name of your town indicated;
  • suggesting the best place to pick you up from;

3. Keep checking the comments;
4. We'll let you know what's next.

Is everything clear? Well then, go get your bike out of the cellar!

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