My cycling would never been possible had it not been for the immense hospitality, benevloence and acts of kindness of dozens of strangers, making up the communities of the below-mentioned social networks.

The first and original one, The Hospitality Club, that allowed me to embark on solo travelling ever since the age of 16. There's life in the old website yet:

Hospitality Club

The younger and more up-to-date sister of HC, CouchSurfing. You can love it, you can hate it, everything boils down to the poeple using the service anyway: 
Couch Surfing
And my very favourite child of HC and CS: WarmShowers. For what more does a cyclist need than a hot shower provided by a fellow bike-maniac? 

Warm Showers

My fourth trip was sponsored by the Polish bike service "Polska na Rowery.pl"

Polka na Rowery

- it's the sports column of the nationwide journal "Gazeta Wyborcza":
Gazeta Wyborcza
My beautiful white and blue baby-ride was sponsored by the Warsaw bike shop "Wkręceni":

Sklep Rowerowy Wkręceni
The shop closed its door in February 2016.
The owners must have surely taken off on bikes somewhere.